Our Story

Our Story

In the 1990's a group of trainers opted to develop a certificating body for outdoor pre-hospital care training which would support their work. Behind this initiative were Peter Harvey, Joe O'Gorman and John Evans. The focus was maintaining the trainer's ability to tailor courses whilst ensuring quality delivery.

In the late 1990's medical expertise was formed as a trading name and in 2002 Medical Expertise Ltd was registered as a limited company in the UK. This and a robust quality assurance approach enabled Remote emergency care to register with the UK Health and Safety Executive to provider First Aid at Work courses (HSE approval number 45/04).

In 2006 the decision was made to trade under the title Remote Emergency Care. This aligned with Joe O'Gorman's longstanding trading name in Ireland and better articulated the focus on outdoor first aid for people operating in remote locations. The team continued to focus on supporting trainers in providing high-quality, practical, concept-based first aid and pre-hospital care training for wilderness environments to diverse groups.

With the changes in first aid at work guidance in 2013 we opted to become an Ofqual awarding organisation. This ensure we can offer the full range of courses and acts to quality assure our internal processes.

Thought-out this journey, Remote Emergency Care has been committed to quality and not profit. If we do make a profit, 100% of it is ploughed back into our trainers' continuing professional development, and the development of new courses.