Responder Series

This training is aimed at wilderness practitioners requiring robust medical skills for remote and/or extreme environments.

MFR – Medical First Responder

Groups who have completed the Remote Emergency Care levels 2, 4 and 5 within two years will be awarded the Medical First Responder qualification.

WFR – Wilderness First Responder

The First Responder certificate is growing in reputation as a global standard in training. This intensive 6 day Wilderness First Responder course takes the First Responder syllabus and applies it to remote situations where evacuation may be protracted and complex.

Practitioners are encouraged to gather data to enable an online doctor to make a diagnosis and direct basic treatment. The course develops the ability to gather and communicate medical and scene information and focuses on core competencies: Effective patient assessment in diverse environments and situations; safe, appropriate use of oxygen, AED and Entonox; treatment for fractures including traction; patient transportation; triage and scene management; and long-term patient management.

The course is designed for practitioners working in remote locations, for those with support from another more experienced medic or online support from a doctor. Participants have included Mountain Rescue teams, remote exploration team members and expedition leaders.

In order to attend WFR training, participants are encouraged to have previously attended basic first aid training and to have a keen interest in outdoor activities.

W-EMT – Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician

The 7-day Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician training is one of the leading medic training courses in both Europe and the USA. The course is aimed at practitioners who are responsible for providing medical and trauma pre-hospital care in remote environments. Training is delivered by the internationally renowned Wilderness Emergency Medical Services Institute (Europe), and is recognised by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

Practitioners are trained to make differential diagnoses, and provide both practical and advanced patient management with online consultation from a doctor. Practical scenario-based training encompasses single and multiple-patient situations with both short and extended evacuations.

The course is designed for remote medics working with on-line support from a doctor when available but also for those who are "out there" on their own. Clients have included Mountain Rescue team medics, trauma medics from the armed forces, doctors, paramedics, EMT's and remote exploration team nurses.

In order to attend the W-EMT course, participants are encouraged to have completed WFR training (or equivalent) within the last two years, and have a strong outdoor background.

WP – Wilderness Physician

This 7-day course runs concurrently with W-EMT training, and is recognised as an industry standard for doctors wishing to develop skills and experience in pre-hospital care in remote areas. In addition, doctors will be trained to give good medical advice and instruction over a telephone or radio to W-EMTs working in the field. This training, staffed by an international faculty of experienced wilderness doctors and medics, guides doctors in applying their current expertise to both challenging wilderness environments and the Wilderness Physician role.

WFR (R) – Wilderness First Responder Refresher

This 3-day course refreshes the WFR qualification.

W-EMT (R) – Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician Refresher

This 3-day course refreshes the W-EMT qualification.

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