Remote series levels 1-5 and Responder series

Remote Emergency Care certificates are valid for three years. However, we strongly recommend that you attend refresher training within two years for the following reasons:

  • We believe in equipping our students to actually be able to use their first aid skills in wilderness environments, rather than just to "tick a box";
  • People who use first aid in wilderness environments need a higher level of skill and confidence than those in urban environments where professional medical help is close at hand;
  • It is well demonstrated that skill retention decreases dramatically after two years unless continually refreshed.

Please note: Prior to November 2010, certificates were issued with a two-year validity. Certificates due to expire between November 2010 and November 2011 will be automatically extended to a three year validity during this changeover period. Please contact us to arrange a replacement certificate.

Rather than repeating the same course, why not renew your certification by progressing to the next level?

For example, if you complete a level 2 or 3 entry-level course, you are then qualified to progress to level 4 provided you take the level 4 course within three years (i.e. before your certificate runs out). You would then be able to progress to level 5 training within the subsequent three year period. Level 4 or 5 courses are also held over 2 days, so you're not needing to take extra time out of your schedule. After that, you would progress to Wilderness First Responder and Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician qualifications.

AED certification

On successful completion of your AED training you will be issued an endorsement sticker to place on your Remote Emergency Care certificate. Your trainer will stamp the sticker and certificate to authenticate them. Your AED training is certified for one year, in line with UK Resuscitation Council recommendations.

On successfully completing refresher AED training, you will be issued a new sticker which you may place over your expiring sticker on your certificate. The new sticker will also have a validity of one year. Your trainer will stamp the sticker and certificate to authenticate them. If you've already got a first aid certificate when you attend AED training, remember to bring it with you so you can have it endorsed!

UK First Aid at Work

Our certificates are valid for the following periods, in line with the requirements of the UK Health & Safety Executive:

  • Emergency First Aid at Work: Three years
  • First Aid at Work: Three years
  • First Aid at Work Basic Skills Update: This course does not extend the validity of the original EFAW or FAW certificate
  • First Aid at Work Requalification: Three years