Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

The complexity of wilderness medicine makes training wilderness pre-hospital care a rewarding and challenging profession.

Remote Emergency Care believes in concept-based training, as protocols often have severe limitations in diverse environments. In order to effectively communicate these concepts, Remote Emergency Care trainers are experts not only in medicine and the outdoors, but also in professional training techniques.

TtT – Train the Trainer

This 4-day course is for aspirant wilderness first aid trainers, and is required for those with no established training background wishing to qualify as a Remote Emergency Care trainer and become a member. During the course, diverse subjects are covered, from training techniques, to educational psychology, lesson planning and effective delivery.

In order to attend this course, participants are required to have previously attended a Remote Emergency Care level 4 course, to have a strong interest in the outdoors, and to have had an application form accepted. Online application is available here. For more information about becoming a Remote Emergency Care trainer, visit the become a trainer page.

MGTtT – AED and Medical Gases Trainer Training

This 1-day course trains the trainer to deliver Medical Gases and AED courses. In order to attend, participants must be certified as a Remote Emergency Care trainer. This course has a two-year certification.